We are! Creative Web Design An Ontario based company.

We are there to assist you by reaching your clients with greater ease by providing you with a beautiful custom design that integrates with your business.

Need a new website?

"Creative Web Design" will help you register a domain for your business, set up your web hosting, and make your introduction to the online world as easy as possible. The best of all is, you can have a full website for just $500.-

Do you have a website?

but are not happy with it. We can use parts of your existing design integrate new features, and improve your online presence.

We will give you:

We use the newest up dated software like HTML 5, we build a quality website.  Your pictures and information all uploaded for a one time set-up fee of $500.00 Web hosting for only $20.00 a month which includes maintenance and any changes we need to make to your site.

Call us today and we will build your website and upload it to the Internet all for only $500. Special add YouTube  video for only    $45.-

Website Updating and Maintenance.

We will update and maintain your site, on an "as needed" basis mostly included in your monthly hosting and maintenance fee. For some special changes we charge our normal hourly fee ($40.00/hr) and will only bill for the time needed, we let you know ahead of time if your change request is included or extra.

We will make it as simple as possible for you, and we also get your changes done as quickly as we can. You just e-mail us your images in any size and we will optimize and size them, then insert them into the appropriate web page.

Get on the first page  of Google with     One video says more  than 1000 words! We are! Creative Web Design An Ontario based company. 647 427 0236

We can also update and maintain most sites created by other designers. Most sites are created in .html language and can be easily looked after. However, with our rate in most cases it is better to start a complete new and better website.